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Yard Waste

Yard Waste collection is available from April 1st to November 30th. This service is available to customers inside Norfolk city limits and Woodland Park.

Yard Waste Defined

Yard Waste is defined as grass clippings and leaf waste only.  These items must be segregated from other wastes because the end product is composted and returned to the soil.  Please do not include:  plastic bags, non-biodgradeable substances, tree limbs, branches, garden waste, woody plants or prunings. 

Weekly & Bi-Weekly Service

Customers can request weekly or bi-weekly pick up of yard waste.  A 95 gallon residential cart is provided with this service.  An additional cart can be added to the service if needed for an additional fee. The yard waste cart needs to be at the curb by 6AM Thursday mornings.  To request this service call 402-644-8300 or email us.

Norfolk Waste Connections 95 gallon residential yard waste cart.

On Call Yard Waste

For residents who only generate yard waste a couple times of year, we offer on call service. If a yard waste pick up is needed, please call us at 402-644-8300 prior to noon on Wednesday the day before Thursday's pick up.  We prefer the yard waste to be in cans if possible, otherwise we have to remove all bags before loading the yard waste into the truck. 

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