Household Hazardous Waste Services

While Waste Connections of Nebraska does not collect any hazardous waste materials (paint, solvents, gasoline, oil, etc.), we support the State of Nebraska’s efforts to properly dispose of any materials that pose a threat to the environment.

Federal and state laws require that businesses and industries properly dispose of hazardous waste, but private consumers aren’t always aware which items are safe to dispose of, which are toxic, or where to take them.

For more information about hazardous waste disposal, visit Keep Nebraska Beautiful​ or contact us​ with any questions about your trash service.


Each year, electronic waste like computers, monitors, printers, keyboards, televisions, and cell phones totals over 2 billion tons. All of these devices can be a resource rather than a waste if more businesses and consumers would recycle them instead. Materials such as glass, precious metals, copper, aluminum, and plastic can often be extracted and reused.If you have any questions about what not to put in your regular garbage, please contact us.